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Welcome to Corporate Wellness Australia

Corporate Wellness Personal Wellness

Corporate Wellness Australia, is the leader in the industry for implementing health and wellness programs throughout small and large corporations within Australia. From the large range of seminars, team building events, seated massage, health and fitness programs, or gym management, the qualified and experienced team at Corporate Wellness Australia will assist you with what you require for your organisation.

Corporate Wellness Australia also offers excellent personal training packages for individuals who are looking to achieve optimum health. We offer one on one, one on two and special VIP programs designed specifically to suit your needs and your budget. Our trainers all have minimum five years training experience, so we guarantee you will get excellent results using common sense principle of exercise and diet.

Our team can also assist you with making your wellness journey even easier and more relaxing by offering massages and personalised nutritional programs.

Health Staff Equals Healthy Business

Does health matter to your business? It should! Your people are your greatest asset therefore, keeping them healthy and happy is paramount to your company’s success.

With corporate Australians working longer hours and dealing with greater levels of stress than ever before, it only makes perfect sense for a company to provide wellness strategies so as to retain their best people and ensure they are continually playing at the top of their game.

According to the Australian Institute of Management, “... pay is no longer the most important factor when attracting or retaining high performing staff.” In fact “… job satisfaction, new and interesting challenges, feeling valued and appreciated and the provision of work/life balance…” ranked far higher!

It is for this reason many progressive companies are giving back to their staff through lifestyle education, organised massages, group fitness sessions, health assessments and more.

And with lifestyle related illness now costing the Australian economy an estimated $21b, you have to ask yourself… Exactly how much are unhealthy staff members costing you?

Why Choose Corporate Wellness Australia?

Corporate Wellness Australia prides itself in delivering only the best wellness programs Australia-wide. Our programs are effective and innovative and are tailored specifically to your exact requirements and your budget. Utilising the latest research and technology, we offer exciting wellness solutions for you that are ‘outside the box’. But that's not all... we guarantee return on investment.

Using the state-of-the-art software we can calculate in hard numbers, dollars and cents, the effectiveness of your initiative, no matter how large or small. Through accurate reporting you can then make informed decisions on what best suits your team.

We understand that for some people making long-lasting, meaningful changes to their health can sometimes seem overwhelming and all too difficult. At Corporate Wellness Australia we provide the opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s best health professionals through a variety of options. These include…

  • Detailed Health Assessments – ideal for unveiling prominent health issues within your organisation plus give your staff a heads up on what they need to work on. These give a quantitative “snap shot” and with reassessments quarterly (or whatever suits) they reveal the effectiveness of your wellness program. Recored and reported to you and the individual, this creates the perfect platform for the launch of your wellness program.
  • Seminars – to provide helpful, easy-to-use information ranging from work/life balance, to creating resilience, to healthy eating for busy corporates. These are all interactive and are hosted by renowned health experts (as opposed to ordinary personal trainers!).
  • Seated Massage – a fantastic way to relieve stress, reduce pain, increase circulation and to reward staff members for their work and loyalty.
  • Group Exercise Sessions – ideal for both low-risk and high-risk employees to engage in exercise. Our qualified and experienced instructors are able to cater to all fitness levels. Choose from boot camp, boxing, yoga, pilates and more!
  • Web Based Health Programs – the complete solution. Chose from a number of web driven health programs which range from meal planning (Nutrition Complete) to week-by-week education programs (Lifestyle Improvement Program) and more. These programs wiill reach, educate motivate and hold accountable every staff member wherever they reside around Australia or overseas. Everyone is given the tools to ensure they live healthy, happy and meaningful lives.

Corporate Wellness Australia is big enough to cater for any company, of any size, anywhere... but small enough to care. We care about giving only the best value. We care about ensuring we are accountable. But most importantly, we care about the health and happiness of you and your people.

Call us today on 1300 88 50 87.

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