Corporate Wellness

Why Corporate Wellness Australia?

Everyone want's their business to boom... So why not invest in your company's most important asset your staff!

Corporate Wellness Australia is a nation-wide, onsite wellness company specialising in bringing health, happiness and success to individuals and business alike. We work with you to establish a culture focussed on positive outcomes through providing fitness and health programs, massage at work right through to large conference events, lunchtime seminars, full day seminars and more...

Corporate Wellness Australia also caters for individuals through personal training, massage and nutritional services, utilsing a team of over 80 trainers and health professionals specialising in complete lifestyle transformation programs.

There are few in this space who can provide complete solutions with an A to Z approach in any area in Australia. Most corporate health providers focus on one or two areas, but given we have a vast base of contractors across Australia, we can provide anything to anyone, anywhere and ensure that one phone call is all that is required to initiate massive positive changes to your team!





Ph: 1300 88 50 87
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