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 Richard Marc


Corporate Wellness Australia provide a large range of seminars designed for your organisation's needs.

Seminars are a great way of bringing your staff together in a fun and positive environment, promoting team work.

The Seminars can be presented as follows:

  • Full Day
  • Half Days
  • Lunchtime

Consider how a monthly or quarterly seminar program can keep your staff happy, healthy and focused on the tasks ahead in both their work and personal lives.

Seminar Topics

Disease Prevention

  • Lifestyle diseases and how they affect individuals
  • Short & long term effects of lifestyle disease
  • Prevention of diseases and how exercise and wellness can assist in the decrease of illness & disease

Boost Energy Levels & Mental Activity

  • It can be hard when long hours and a hectic lifestyle are working against you
  • Ideas and tools are provided to boost your energy levels and achieve your goals

Work Life Balance

  • Assistance in finding balance between work and lifestyle
  • Goal setting and clarity
  • Taking action

Eat More Weigh Less

  • Discover how eating more can help you maintain or lose weight and increase your energy levels
  • Food, nutrition and diets!

Introduction to Exercise

  • Exercise programs specific for individuals
  • Setting realistic and achievable exercise goals

Stretch at Your Desk

  • Learn about the importance of stretching and how it is essential in the workplace.
  • The benefits of stretching, how to relax and get staff involved in demonstrations of some practical stretches they can do without leaving their desk.

Email and request for a complete listing of the seminar topics offered. They can be customised to suit your company's needs.

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