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Corporate Wellness Australia provides personal and group training throughout major cities in Australia. We acknowledge that each individual is different and provide a variety of personal trainers to suit each individual's needs and requests.

If you are looking to start personal training nowthen take these three easy steps to a healthier lifestyle!

Step 1: Choose where YOU would like to train! Personal Trainers Profiles
  • Beach
  • Park
  • Your Home
  • Home Gym
  • Our Gym
  • Your Apartment Gym
Step 2: Contact Lifestyles to organise a time to get started NOW!
  • Call Head office, where a qualified and experienced staff member will assist you, in making your first steps to a healthier lifestyle. P:1300 88 50 87
    Email info@corporatewellness.com.au
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VIP programs

Our VIP programs are for those individuals who require a greater level of a trainer's time and responsibilities. Some of these programs include
  • Full time trainers
  • Travelling trainers
  • Live-in trainers

Call 1300 88 50 87 or email info@corporatewellness.com.au for further information.


Ph:  1300 88 50 87
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