Girl with Towel


Girl with Towel

I just wanted to thank Tibor for his help and guidance in achieving my goals. I have lost 17 kilos and am fitter now at 41 than I was at 21! Tibor's sense of humour combined with his professionalism has made the whole experience fun and enjoyable.

With Tibor there are no excuses - just alternatives, ensuring that I can fit in a busy work schedule including interstate travel, a young family and exercise.

Thank You Tibor!
Paul, Castle Hill

Training with Gordon - there's never a dull moment! He's always coming up with new exercises and programs to keep me motivated and actually looking forward to training. He also has a keen sense of when I'm tiring and how he can get that extra bit out of me, that I never knew I had. After recovering from knee surgery, Gordon has managed to get me interested in exercise again and I've now raced in both the city2surf and Bridge Run (with great times I might add!) He's also managed to get me eating properly again and I'm certainly enjoying all the benefits of being fit and healthy.
Bex, Potts Point

Thanks Gordon for helping me reach my target goal weight before my wedding. I never thought I could trim down and lose the 6 kilos I wanted in such a short period of time. I feel great for my wedding, PLUS I now have a more balanced lifestyle (including exercise and better eating habits). I highly recommend Gordon to any bride trying to trim up, tone up and look great for your big day!
Joanne, Coogee.


Thank you Lifestyles for recommending Ryan as a personal trainer. Not only was he professional in all aspects of training, but he carefully adapted workouts to my ability and strengths. I certainly noticed a dramatic improvement, not only in weight loss, but strength and toning. He has also given me some exercise tips to use at home/ gym and excellent nutritional advice.
Amelia, Double Bay NSW


Lisa is an excellent trainer, and is very cautious in respect to her programs. She is  disciplined and enthusiastic in her ways of training. My strength and fitness has improved dramatically, with my goals being reached. I feel I have more energy, and a better lifestyle.
Joe, Coogee NSW


Sam thank you for preparing me not only physically but mentally for my tournament. I feel that the programs you adapted into my hectic lifestyle prepared me to play at my peak. You know how to focus on an athletes needs and execute them correctly with perfect timing. Thanks to Lifestyles for recommending Sam,as my personal trainer.
Mark, Sutherland NSW


I have always found it difficult balancing my work and family commitments while finding the time to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. After being advised by the doctor to lose weight due to elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, my wife encouraged me to get a personal trainer to help motivate and changemy lifestyle.

After an initial discussion about my current lifestyle and lack of motivation in maintaining an exercise routine, Richard designed a program that helped me achieve my desired goals in both exercise and diet.

Throughout the time training with Richard, I was able to lose 12 kg and change my habits so that exercise and a healthy diet are now a way of life, rather than a chore. Without hesitation I would recommend the trainers from Lifestyles Corporate Wellness to those wishing to lose weight, improve fitness and obtain a healthier lifestyle.
Gregor, Gladesville NSW


Getting fit again was one of those things that I kept putting off. I was working long hours, eating badly and had no routine or priorities. My first consultation helped me to take that first step and make getting fit a high priority.

Each session was tailored to suit my needs and ability. Richard and Paul pushed me just the right amount for the first few sessions and as I got stronger, they kept on challenging me. They would explain everything I was doing and what it was good for, we also discussed diet and what I should eat more/less of, so I was gaining knowledge all the time.

I started off weighing 80kg and after only 10 sessions I was down to 74kg. Then by going to the gym on my own, swimming, running, eating well and using everything Richard and Paul had taught me, I got my weight down to 69kg.

All was going so well, I entered the Mothers Day Classic 4km Fun Run and completed it in 22.17 minutes, a time I could never have dreamed of running before. My next challenge is the City to Surf. Thanks once again for giving help and knowledge so generously.
Katrina, Botany NSW


"Richard is a great motivator; his training techniques both physical and verbal are very effective. He is our education for fitness, diet and positive attitude. We are very fortunate to have his services. Most Important results are achieved, and continuously improving!

Best investment decision we have ever made. We never imagined getting up at 6am to exercise we both work 70 hours per week in our business finishing up at 10pm. What Richard has taught us and proved to us will stay with us the rest of our lives. We are so grateful!"
Hector and Silvi Destro, Sydney


"Richard truly takes an interest in his clients"
Michael and Linda Bacluin, USA


"I have been training with Richard for year and a half I went from 90 kg to 54 kg and with no loose bits!"
Monique May (Mother of five/self employed), Sydney


"When I started with Lifestyles Corporate Wellness I said ‘I don’t run’. Well it seems I do. After 7 months of training I finished the Sydney City to Surf and in an impressive time for someone who doesn’t run!

Training with Richard has improved my overall fitness and strength has improved, I feel better and as a result I look better. My trainer also offers advice on general fitness and diet. The advice and encouragement to achieve your goal, whatever they might be, doesn’t end at the end of the session.

If you have paid membership fees at a gym and then waited for the results to happen by themselves, forget it. Sign up with some friends and start a training program that is specifically designed for your needs or try a one on one session to really push yourself to the limit.

I now train with friends who were so impressed with the results I had achieved they didn’t want to miss out! Richard encourages, pushes and makes the impossible possible."
Kerrie Walker, Sydney


I just wanted to convey my appreciation for the benefits I have gained from my Personal Training sessions with Lifestyles Corporate Wellness.

Rod, my designated trainer, has at all times been encouraging & motivating and seems to think up a new (and exceptionally difficult) exercise every week. Rod perfectly maintains the balance between motivating and pushing a client for improvement, while also being mindful of any limitations a client may have.

I wouldn't have dared to think I would be playing football this season if not for the results I have attained through training with Rod. Two weeks ago I ran a 55 second 400m split - not overly impressive but I haven't run this quick over that distance since I was 16 years old (I am now 26)!

I won't hesitate to recommend Lifestyles Corporate Wellness to anyone in the future.
Luke Meehan, Sydney


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