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Raf BodameRaf Bodame

Raf aims to make all sessions as enjoyable as possible with plenty of variety so you never get bored. With 6 years experience and practicing what he preaches he knows what it takes to get to your desired goals. With a very caring approach he can adapt easily to whatever level of fitness you have and create a program specific to your needs. With the life motto "failure's not an option" he's ready to train if you are ready for the challenge. Let's get fit, healthy, live a full life and never look back!


Cert IV, Boxing, Muscle Tone, Weight Loss.



Tibor BaloghTibor Balogh

Tibor is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and his aim is to assist as many people as possible to improve their health and wellbeing Tibor's goal is also to motivate others to bring wellness and into their lives and their families. He specialises in those individuals who may be nervous to embark on a fitness program, his understanding and caring approach is extremely popular and most importantly gets his clients results fast!


Cert IV

Rudi Yap Rudi Yap

Comments:  Rudi's sessions are energetic and he is a truly inspiring character.He will make you feel at ease whilst creating a program that will change your lifestyle into a healthier and more energised one. He will design a specialised program for your needs based on the goals that you set with him before you start on your wellness journey.


Bachelor of Medical Science, boxing. Certificate IV.



Ph: 1300 88 50 87
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