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3 Seated Massage Guarantees

Free online booking service for your staff to utilise anytime at any location. This means ZERO administration time for the company organiser saving you time and money, making your day run as smooth as possible
All the massage therapists are qualified with appropriate insurance as well as workers compensation
Your company will be provided with a written guarantee plus copies of the corporate massage therapist certificates upon request

We offer our corporate seated massages throughout Sydney and Melbourne. We have staff on hand at all times to come out to your Sydney or Melbourne office and provide an amazing corporate massage experience for you and your team.

Why Corporate Massage?

Organisations give their staff a seated massage to:

  • Increase staff morale and motivation
  • Keep staff relaxed, focused and ready to tackle the work day ahead
  • A gift to say thanks for a job well done
  • Massage will increase the attention and memory span whilst at conferences
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Benefits of a massage throughout the body

The benefits of seated massages goes beyond the relief and tension of tight muscles. Massage will improve the systems in the body. Including:
  • Circulation will be improved as the volume of blood pumped to the heart is increased resulting in a temporary decrease in blood pressure
  • Breathing will be improved due to the relieve of tension to the chest, shoulders and back area. Once tension is reduced in these areas this will assist the removal of congestion from the lungs. A great way to clear the office colds!
  • Nervous system will be calmed, allowing better communication with the organs, helping them to operate more effectively
  • Digestive system - Stress and poor eating habits will handicap this system from working properly resulting in indigestion, bloating and constipation. Massage can improve these symptoms
  • Lymphatic System helps fight infection by playing a major role in the body's overall health. Through massage congestion in the lymphatic system may be eased, improving this systems ability to fight future systems infections
  • Emotions that are negative can sometimes be stored inside the muscles. These can be alleviated through the movement of massage. The tension of the muscles can be freed and converted into energy
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Different Types of Corpoate Massage

Ultimate Seated Massage 10, 15, or 20 minute massage

Enjoy pure bliss relaxation as the Corporate Wellness Australia massage therapists provide each individual with a relaxing rejuvenating back, neck, shoulders and arms stress buster massage, right at your workplace.

Gold 30 or 60 minute massage

This full body massage covers head to toe, relieving the entire body of soreness, aches, pains and leaving you feel relaxed and revived. This massage is perfect for managers, executives and team members of the month. Obviously this is not a seated massage and we bring our own equipment to your office.

Online Corporate Massage Booking System

The professional and qualified massage therapists at Corporate Wellness Australia are equipped with:
  • Relaxing portable massage chair
  • Soothing and calming music

Where are the corporate and seated massages conducted?
The massage can be conducted at the employees desk, or preferably in an empty conference or meeting room. This is to ensure we have enough space to perform our massages correctly in a more relaxing environment.

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