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Wayne Dart

Chief Executive Officer – Corporate Wellness Australia

In a former life Wayne was a journalist, editor and publisher of some of Australia’s most recognised magazines and websites such as Tracks Surfing Magazine, FHM Magazine and more. He also held the mantel of Media Manager for the ASP Pro Surfing tour.

Often stressed and carrying a few extra kilos, in 2003 Wayne was challenged to shape up and shed 10 kilograms in order to enter the ring in a kick boxing bout as an undercard on an Australian kickboxing titles fight night. After successfully losing the weight, but sensationally losing the fight, Wayne continued the training and soon developed an unbridled passion for helping others to create change and push themselves physically and mentally.

He soon became a well-respected personal trainer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and then established his own gym, which soon evolved into Corporate Wellness Australia – after many large companies and executives who had received benefit from Wayne’s training, asked Wayne to help them set up wellness programs for their staff.

In more recent times Wayne has retrained as a business consultant and corporate advisor and has been involved in the process of working with companies to ready them for listing on the ASX.

All the while, despite being extremely busy across his businesses and with a young family, Wayne “walks the talk” and maintains a regimented training schedule. His dedication to assisting businesses to develop success-oriented cultures through focusing on increasing staff wellness is unparalleled.

Wayne Dart

Peter McConnell

General Manager – Corporate Wellness Australia

Peter has gained a vast array of knowledge and skills over the last 21 years. He has coached many areas of wellness both in Australia and the USA. Peter’s passion has always lay in simply helping people. Whether it be through seminars to Qld Police or at martial arts conventions, or one-on-one coaching, or casual conversations, the intention is always the same – to give what he can to improve the health of others.

Peter’s learning has come from many sources:-

  • Primarily through the CHEK Institute in California, and also,
  • FMA Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • EFT Practitioner / Counselling
  • Golf Bio-mechanic

Peter coaches clients in the 7 Foundational Principles of Health taught by the CHEK Institute:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Thoughts & Emotions
  • Hydration
  • Breathing
  • Community
  • Sleep

Within these 7 Principles, Peter uses many techniques and skills to coach clients to healthier, stronger lives:

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Postural Assessments & Programs
  • Public Speaking

Peter McConnell


Peter McConnell has worked closely with our family throughout the past three years. He has worked with family members both individually and collectively carefully drawing out some entrenched, deep seated issues that have acted as a barrier to on-going personal and professional development. It is a skillful art to challenge with sensitivity whilst remaining steely in addressing what lies beneath. We have evidenced Peter’s expertise in this approach, and it has then laid a foundation for change and solutions that are befitting of our own family context within a timely manner. This has then been translated into successful business outcomes.

As the CEO of a $1.6b organisation I am mindful of the need to create an environment of high performance. A winning mindset is a priority so that we can focus on our core goals that generate a success of wealth and health as both are inextricably linked. I look to Peter as a professional coach who can challenge and tease my thinking as both a family member and an executive management leader. Working alongside Peter for the past three years has been an extraordinary success for all our family members, and we look forward to unfolding further untapped potential both in the current present and in the future. It is with gratitude and appreciation that I wholeheartedly recommend Peter as a professional coach.

 – Arihia Bennett MNZM, CEO, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

Peter’s knowledge and presentation on health, fitness and wellbeing was a key part of Centacare Catholic Family Service’s inaugural conference in Adelaide this year.

The 320 staff present embraced the content of his two keynote presentations.

Peter’s generosity of time and expertise was put to good use during his one-to-one consultations with staff, and two smaller workshops during the day.

He not only inspired people to think about making positive changes to their lifestyles, but also equipped them with the information they need to make sound choices.

 – Elizabeth Rowe, Communications Manager, Centacare Catholic Family Services

War leaves many unseen wounds and with the rates of clinical benefit being so low, (typically less than 30%) it is fitting we should return to ancient ways to assist our mind and soul as we journey towards understanding and healing.  I am a fully disabled combat veteran who served in OIF 1 & 3.  I was fortunate enough to sit with Pete at my home and work through a therapy session with him.  It was peaceful and eye opening as we worked to the depths of some of my wounds.  I highly recommend the tap therapy that Pete works on with clients.

– John Emmons, Counter Terrorism SME, Founder Ho’ola Farms, Hawaii

For years I had suffered from neck and shoulder pain. I had met with many different health practitioners who had been unable to help me long term. Peter was the first to help me connect that the physical pain may be linked to other things happening in my life. Since meeting Peter my life has taken a new direction and I am much healthier mentally and physically. I am so happy about the changes in my life. Peter’s ability to connect and understand is wonderful and I am grateful for the positive impact Peter has made in my life.

– Clarissa Watkins, Australian Sales Manager, Target