Why Corporate Wellness?

Our Mission

Corporate Wellness Australia believes healthy and vibrant teams are not only great for us as individuals but transformative for organisations. We know the health of our teams directly improves our organisation’s productivity, output and adaptability.

As the leader in the industry for implementing health and wellness programs throughout small and large corporations in Australia, Corporate Wellness Australia sees it as our mission to curate and deliver leading-edge wellness programming to improve the wellbeing and performance of teams.

We believe in whole-human development and that’s why we offer a large range of services including:

  • seminars,
  • team building events,
  • seated massage,
  • gym management,
  • executive training,
  • mindfulness programming and more.

At Corporate Wellness Australia we pride ourselves in our ability to assist you with what you require for your organisation.

Our Philosophy

Empowering your team to be well and vibrant in their work and at home shouldn’t be tough. That’s why we constantly strive to integrate technology where we can to make our programs streamlined, efficient and user-friendly so that we can empower your team to take lead on their own health.

We take an empowered approach to health and wellbeing, acting as facilitators more than directors or managers.

Innovation is at the core of our approach to wellness, delivering programs and initiatives that are truly cutting-edge and tailored to your specific needs.

Trackable results are important to us. That’s why we use technology and our softwares to enable us to calculate the hard numbers – in dollars and cents – of the efficacy of your initiative. Through this ability to accurately report on our outcomes you can then make informed decisions on what best suits your team.

Education and tailored learning solutions are important to gently guide your team through their wellness program. We recognise that for some people making long-lasting, meaningful changes to their health can sometimes seem overwhelming and all too difficult. That is why we work with professionals in their field to deliver seminars and education programs that educate your team on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our process.

Partnership is something we strive to build with our clients. Your wellness program needs to be developed in partnership with your team and the service provider. We work to develop a clear understanding of our shared objectives and maintain an open communication to enable us to produce the best experience for your team.