Mental Health

Are you wanting to support your employees in their wellbeing, mental health and ability to perform their best at work?

Maybe you want to build a greater sense of community in the workplace?

Al Jeffery is an international facilitator and thought leader on team performance and wellbeing. We’re excited to partner with him to deliver a suite of programs and services for our clients wanting to dramatically increase performance for smaller project teams or executive management. As a well-regarded mindfulness trainer, executive coach and group facilitator; Al has worked with the likes of Apple, Google, AusPost, Telstra and more to increase the capacity of teams across generations. He does this through individual development initiatives as well as team connectivity and community-building interventions.


Introduction to Workplace Mindfulness – 30min Workshop

This is an introduction to the ‘why, what and how’ of mindfulness for the modern workplace. Your team will get a felt-experience of how mindfulness can improve their creativity, mental clarity, productivity, communication and overall wellbeing; as well as walk away with 2 simple techniques that can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Al’s workshops also include free organic fruit, juice and chocolate for participants to integrate a focus on nutrition.

3-month Workplace Mindfulness Program

To take mindfulness to the next level and assist your team in developing a sustained practice, Al offers this in-depth 3-month training program. Al will come to you on-site for a workshop each fortnight for 3 months. Coupled with these workshops is 2 private wellness coaching sessions per employee to tailor a practice for each employee and make sure Al gets to assist your team 1-on-1 to cultivate their performance.

Workshops focus on learning the techniques of mindfulness, coming to know stress levers and triggers, mitigating reactive behaviours, building new response patterns, building accountability for team practice.

For more information on this program and to find out if this might be for your team, contact us today!

Executive Coaching

Al coaches Executive Teams on mindfulness and peak performance. With training in NLP, executive coaching and mindfulness; Al works with executives across multiple industries to assist in avoiding burnout, developing mental clarity, cultivating healthy relationships across generations and building a work-life balance.

Al’s coaching services are limited to a certain number of clients in 3-month programs.

To find out more about Al’s coaching services or enquire, please contact us today.

Developing Psychological Safety – 60min Workshop

Google, IDEO and many other world-reknowned agencies have found that there is one thing that leads to the most productive and innovative teams; psychological safety. This is the ability for team members to take interpersonal risk, sharing ideas and themselves with the safety of knowing that they will be supported and not rejected.

In this workshop Al outlines the science and stories of how psychological safety transforms teams, and how you can adopt this practice as a team. You will be guided through an experience of psychological safety to allow team members to build this sense of trust and safety amongst themselves.

Al’s workshops also include free organic fruit, juice and chocolate for participants to integrate a focus on nutrition.


Maree Schipano (Australia Post)

“Alex’s genuine passion and enthusiasm is inspiring. His innate ability to reflect on past learnings, allows him to evolve and constantly improve his approach to each new venture. Definitely recommend him as a speaker or facilitator for any audience wanting authentic stories and clear actions!”

Paul Thomas, Managing Director – Coriant Australia

“We wanted to offer some personal development to our team as a value add to their daily life. We engaged Al across our two sites to share his experiences and thoughts as well as kick off some processes for future team development.  Al was very passionate and engaging and was able to adapt with seamlessly to the different audiences.  We now look forward to further engagement with Al on team building challenges.  I have no hesitation in recommending Al.”

Joakim Rex, Program Curator – SPACE10 Copenhagen

“Al did a very engaging talk at Made in Space that the audience really loved – he has a powerful mix of insight and humor that can enlighten us to the power of vulnerability and community in future living and working spaces. Al does much more than talking though, and we have been lucky enough to get the full package of a meditation session and a workshop too.”

Jessica Dagala – HR/Studio Manager, Studio24

“We invited Al from Realise Flow into our studio for mindfulness sessions 4 times across two weeks. Al was a thoughtful and open facilitator with an inviting presence that our team instantly warmed to. It was a unique team bonding experience that garnered practical approaches to managing stress and I would highly recommend to other teams and agencies.”

Andy – MD, Southwest Creative Agency

“Al guides the sessions extremely well introducing you to techniques that truly benefit you immediately. I will continue these techniques and we will continue to engage with Al as a team.”