Commercial Buildings

Are you are commercial building manager and require corporate wellness, corporate fitness or corporate wellness centre management for an entire high-rise or strata? Then Corporate Wellness Australia is your immediate “go to” for wellness program and facility set up and ongoing service supply.

Our aim is to work with you to add value to your commercial lease-holders by providing an opportunity for all inhabitants of the building to get involved in wellness activities such as group exercise, yoga, pilates, meditation, and more. And if space is available we can create and build a gym which can become a wellness hub for the entire building.

Through the supply of a dedicated wellness manager as well as a specifically branded service portal we open the gates for all companies within the building or strata to change their cultures for the better by encouraging daily health focused routines for their teams. And you the building manager can gain the credit!

A wellness centre is excellent marketing for attracting new tenants! And we can demonstrate how we can create the centre/hub for you at minimal cost to you.