Skin Checks

Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world?  Two thirds of Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer before they turn 70!

We are very passionate about supporting you in helping your team with an early-prevention program.

Through one of our corporate partners, Firstcheck Skin, we are able to empower your team to use their own mobile phone to scan any moles or lesions. We can also send across the Firstcheck Skin Scope to increase magnification by 20X (dermoscopic) to improve the depth of the testing. Together, this combinations turns your mobile into a professional skin scanning device with professionals at the touch of a button.

For a low cost, your employees can scan themselves and have a consult with a professional within the space of 10 minutes!

To find out more or see if this is something that would suit your organisation, head here and we will have one of our wellness consultants be in touch.