Wellness Challenges

Staying sedentary for most of the working day has now been revealed as being a major contributor to long-term chronic illness. In some cases, sitting for long periods while at work, in the car, on a bus etc is worse than smoking!

It’s time to get your staff moving and there is no better way to engage them than drawing on their competitive spirit via a wellness related challenge.

Using the latest tracking and movement management software designed by Technogym, Corporate Wellness Australia can design a specific challenge to suit your intended outcomes. It could be a group or individual general movement challenge, a step challenge, a calories burnt challenge, or an exercise class challenge… We can also tie the challenge to major sporting event for extra hype!

The challenges are automated, and can link to most current tracking devices (Fitbit, iPhone, Garmin etc) and people can view their results, and their place instantaneously. You can even have an in-house monitor hooked up to display an up to the minute leaderboard!

Name the Fitness challenge, set the conditions, name the prizes, invite your staff and you are away!

As a highlight, from a ROI perspective the Technogym solution is the best value in the marketplace.


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